Virtual Interactive School Programs

Available in Spanish

Please do not record any of the Virtual Programs.

All Programs are for all students and teachers at the same time.

You can choose Virtual only,

or Virtual Interactive with program bag.

We have developed these Virtual Interactive School Programs:

Native American Life

Colonial Daily Life

The American Revolution.

Civil War


What is a Virtual Interactive School Program?

The guide presents virtually but part of the program is mailed in advance to the students to do with the guide on the

day of the program. This allows the students to become part of the experience, not just viewers, but doers.

What Part of the Program is sent in Advance?

All the takeaways that we have with our in-school programs are sent in advance so that the students can bring their

items relating to the program you choose home. The items are individually bagged for each student in out Virtual Interactive Bags. This not only keeps the students involved with the guide, but helps them to stay interactive and not bored, but focused.

Each Classroom teacher will receive most of the items in a bag, but the items will be completed.

How Virtual Interactive Works:

First, we need your count of the students that will be involved with the virtual program. Their takeaway is individually bagged for them and mailed or dropped off at your school. The takeaway will have to be assembled or finished

during the interactive virtual program.

When the day and time are set, you virtually see your guide through one of these platforms:

Zoom or Microsoft Team.  If you need another platform, please contact us.

Each class will view the guide at the same time via PowerPoint and demonstrations. The guide will demonstrate items from the section of history you have chosen, and then involve the students in many activities that they will be doing with the guide. You should have at least 45 to 60 minutes for all to participate.

We would love to host your group virtually! Please allow us time to get your virtual materials to you in advance of your virtual interactive day.

Virtual Only: No interactive bag, but the students still play games with their pencil and paper. $150.00

Virtual With Interactive bags, usually $4.00/student but we have a $250/minimum per program.

Virtual Interactive Programs Anywhere

Hands-on History Programs At Your School: Atlanta Area or North East Florida

Native American, Colonial Life, American Revolution or Civil War.

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