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How the Programs are Set Up



The Traveling classrooms can be set up in two ways according to the space you have and time you have available.


1. We can set up in one location with 6-8 folding tables as stations. Two classes can meet in this area for one hour to hear the presentation and do the hands-on activities. There should be enough space for the tables and room for the students to sit on the floor for 10 minutes. The School should be prepared to have the tables on hand. The one Guide/Presenter will handle the program but parent volunteers are always welcome!


2. We can set up a station in each classroom available (10 or more stations) at 20 minutes per room for an entire class to rotate through. A teacher or adult volunteer should be prepared to instruct the students in all but one room. Complete instructions are given before the program by the guide.


Either way is an effective way for the students to do the projects and learn about their respective program, Colonial or Native American. We highly recommend room set up for the Americian Revolution.


A short PowerPoint is available to show the students to start if you wish. It should be viewed by all in a media center or cafeteria.

Hands-on History Programs At Your School: Atlanta Area or Florida

Native American, Colonial or American Revolution

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