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Colonial Kids Hands-on Educational Program:


1. Spinning Demonstration, Cotton Cleaning, Weaving on Looms with twill strips. How clothing was made.

2. Corn Grinding, Toss Games using Corn Cobb's, Building using Corn Cobb's

Colonial Food.

3. Clothes Pin Dolls. (washboard and tub display) Washing Clothes Information or Corn Husk Dolls, Legend of the Corn Husk Doll

4. Knot Tying and Making Braided or Twisted Rope. 

5. Pump Drills, (Woodworker) Leather Shoe Sole Sewing (Cobbler) Coin Necklace: (Silversmith)  

6. Making a Toy/Games (Whirligig or Spoon Catch)  Simple wooden Toys.

7. Early Education: Writing on Slate Boards, Charcoal boards and using a Quill pen. What children used in early schools. Riddles too!

8. Power Points, Additional Games, Tongue Twisters, Sewing, and more

Students Keep: Clothespin Doll, Whirligig, Quill and Ink Letter, Necklace


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