Virtual Interactive Colonial Life Program


Colonial Life Virtual Interactive program will focus on daily chores and activities by Colonial people.

The Virtual Guide will begin with clothing and how it was made. The students will see the fibers used to make clothing. There will be demonstrations in spinning wool and weaving on a loom. There will also be a brief PowerPoint showing how weaving creates cloth. The students will be able to use the wool in their virtual-interactive program bag to try and twist a piece of yarn with their fingers. This will allow them not only to touch a fiber but also see how hard it was.

The Virtual Guide will talk about washing clothing and show them how close pins were made. The students will have a chance later to decorate their own clothespin doll from their virtual interactive program bag.


The students will be led through Colonial occupations, learning about Woodcarvers, Coopers, Silversmiths and more. There will be a PowerPoint on Colonial occupations. The Virtual guide will demonstrate a pump drill used by Woodworkers. The Guide will talk about how coins were made, and the students will be able to create a coin necklace to take home from the virtual interactive program bag.

The guide will talk about how people wrote and show them Wood Boards, Slate Boards and Quill and Ink. The students will create their own quill pen from the virtual-interactive program bag. They can then take it home and use it with water and food coloring. They will also play a Riddle and Tongue Twister Game.


The Virtual Guide will show them simple Colonial toys. The students have one to complete in their virtual-interactive program bags.


Items in Interactive Virtual-Interactive Program Bag:

All items are precut and partially assembled if needed.

Necklace Parts, Catch Toy Parts, Wool,  Clothespin

Items Students will Need at their desks.

Marker, Pencil, Safety Scissors

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