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Virtual Interactive Native American Program:

Depending on your location, our guide will present a program on Native Americans for your area. Right now, we do Creek for Georgia or Timucua for Florida, but can focus on another area if you request it. The Teacher will have all virtual-interactive items given to the students. These supplies will arrive before the program via mail or be dropped off.

The guide will greet the class or classes and begin showing them daily activities that were done by Native Americans. These will include Corn Grinding, Weaving, Music and more. Students or Teachers can ask questions at any point during the short beginning presentation.

The first interactive activity will be rope plying by hand. The guide will show the students how to twist the raffia into a small piece of rope. This is done by hand so the students can do this from their desks. They can then see how these rope parts can be joined to make a larger, stronger rope and discuss what Native Americans needed rope for.

They will then learn about Native Symbols and have a chance to play a symbol game with the guide virtually. Each class can compete to answer in the symbol game. The students can then mark their favorite symbol on the dish included in their virtual-interactive program supplies.

The guide will talk about the animals that were hunted for food. There will be animal skins that will be shown to the students. Everyone will then play an Animal Guessing Game. The game concludes by drawing their favorite animal paw on their paper.

The favorite part of Native Toys will be highlighted. The emphasis will be on how easy it is to create games and toys from nature.  The guide will also show how Native Americans decorated themselves and dressed. All without shopping at any stores.

At the end of the program the students can take their time finishing their Native Necklace and Catch Toy. The Guide will say goodbye.


Items in Virtual-Interactive Supplies:

All items are precut and partially assembled if needed.

Necklace Parts, Catch Toy Parts, Raffia for Rope, Dish 


Items Students will Need at their desks.

Marker, Pencil, Paper

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