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Corn Grinder
Shell Dish
Animal Skins

Timucua (Florida) or Creek (Georgia) Kids Creative Clans:

A Day of Educational Fun For Your students


Timucua or Creek Kids Creative Clans was written to give students information on how hard life was in early history.  The guide, in Native American clothing, discusses daily life in a Native American village, emphasizing the chores that the people did. Students play a big part in this section as they answer questions orally. Each student is assigned to a Clan.

Second, the guide demonstrates the items that were used in a village and

tells the students why these items were needed.

Each student will see demonstrations in:


Corn shelling and grinding on small hollowed stumps

Weaving leather strips on native looms

Creating a decorated Shell Dish

Tattooing with a Roller using washable ink on wrist only. Adult supervised.

Native American toys and making a catch toy

Stringing Native American pendants for jewelry

Rope plying by hand

Animal Skins identifying

Stamping Clan Parchments

Rainsticks, Deer Hoof Rattles and more!


If this program is set up in the classrooms, each classroom activity is 20-30 minutes. If set up in one location please allow only 2 classes per hour. All students are encouraged to try everything so that they will realize how hard it was to prepare food, make simple mats, dishes, etc.  Basically, we hope they will learn to appreciate what they may take for granted today!


Each classroom receives a parchment that the students stamp with their clan. Each student receives:

A toy that they make, a necklace, a shell dish and the rope that they make.  And they get great tattoos!

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