St. Augustine Costs: Ask for a Free Proposal!


Sample Total Cost With These Attractions including Bus Cost:

Approximately $30/student

Free Fort Slot

Train Ride: 1 hour narrated Tour

Colonial Quarter: 1 hour Museum Tour

Guide Services: Includes Itineraries, Reservations, All Files, Coquina.

Add Colonial Kids, Fact or Fiction Walks, or Toys and Games from the Past.


Castillo de San Marcos: Ways to Visit

1. Guided Inside Fort ToursIf you want to be guided through the Castillo de San Marcos we will make the necessary reservations your group. We offer guided tours through DMC Ventures starting November 1, 2019.  Cost is: $16.00 adult and $6.00/student.  Teachers free. Non refundable reservation fee of $20/slot not included and must be paid in advance. You will have 30 minute interior with limited rooms to see inside.  The park service does not allow groups in all the rooms, including the Spanish Guard room.  Please be aware that the guide must follow the park service rules inside. There will also be a 20 minute exterior walk. 

2. Perimeter Fort Walks:  We offer perimeter walks at 45 minutes through DMC Ventures. Cost is: $5/person, teachers free. 


3. Teacher Lead Self-Guided Slots or Fee Waiver Slots:  Free! Your school can call 904-829-6506 ext. 239 or email, and ask for one of the free fee waiver slots. These are unguided fort tours, but you will get free adults and students. A great way to save money. We can arrange your itinerary around the times you receive from the Castillo. You must return all paperwork to them in order to qualify for these slots. These are not guided slots. You have to decide, as a teacher, how you want to visit the Castillo.

4. Planning a family trip to see the National Parks?  4th graders and their families, click here:

Every Kid in a Park.

5. Pay and go in: Adults $15.00 Students Free. See all rooms and be able to stay longer than 30 minutes.


Attractions are various prices. We often get discounts that we pass on to our groups. We can arrange any type of day you want.

Guide Services:

We arrange all itineraries, make all reservations, send all files directly to you. You only pay for these services on Field Trip day. 


We will call bus companies to get you the best price for you field trip. This service is complimentary. We do the work for you!

All items are paid separately on Field Trip Day. Invoices are sent in advance when we receive final numbers.

Virtual Interactive Programs Anywhere

Hands-on History Programs At Your School: Atlanta Area or North East Florida

Native American, Colonial Life, American Revolution or Civil War.

St. Augustine Field Trip Planning Services: 904-315-5033