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Virtual Interactive American Revolution Program


Welcome to our new Virtual Interactive American Revolution Program.

Your virtual guide will lead your students through important events of the American Revolution.


You will begin with The Boston Tea Party and events leading up to 1776. There will be a brief PowerPoint on The Tea Party and Daughters and Sons of Liberty. Students will be able to fill a tea bag to take home!


The virtual guide will also lead students through the life of Benjamin Franklin and his part in helping with the American Revolution. The students will learn about his varied careers and famous quotes and printings in Poor Richards Almanac.  This will be in part a PowerPoint. The students will then be able to write their favorite Benjamin Franklin Quote on the paper provided.


The virtual guide will go through a Soldiers Bag. Showing the students what a soldier had to carry with them for months on end in the war. Always including the students in discussion about what they would bring, and how hard they feel if would be to leave home for months on end. There will be a hard tack sample in the teacher’s bag for her to show the students.


The life of Paul Revere, his famous ride and his work as a Silver Smith is also reviewed. The students again can join in the fun by creating a Liberty Tree Bracelet.


The students will end the program with a Culper Code Book class challenge.

This incredible code system was developed to keep British spies from finding out the plans of George Washington. This can be done using the teachers white board along with the virtual guide.


We will leave the students with information on Soldiers games and talk about how they entertained themselves in that time. A final activity will be finishing their tic tac toe game from their virtual-interactive bag.


Items in Interactive Virtual-Interactive Program Bag:

All items are precut and partially assembled if needed.

Bracelet Parts, Tic Tac Toe Parts, Fillable Tea Bag, Quote paper

Items Students will Need at their desks.

Marker, Pencil, Safety Scissors

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