Paula Gates

Virtual Interactive History Programs:

We offer educators unique and affordable options for their students virtually. 

 Native American, Colonial, American Revolution or Civil War. Available in Spanish!

At your school in Atlanta Area or North East Florida.

Native American, Colonial or American Revolution

St. Augustine:


St. Augustine field trips cost too high?

Ask how we save schools money with our planning services and low cost programs in St. Augustine.

Your students even get a piece of Coquina if

you book with us!

 We offer free proposals and no deposits unless you book guided forts. 


For 17 years we have given teachers the resources they need to plan unique educational programs for their students for very little cost. We travel in Georgia too!

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Our Mini Helper, Mari
In School Programs

Hands on History! Students learn from doing and that is what we do! All our in school field trips are hands-on. No sitting and listening for hours, they actually work. 

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Spinning Wool With Drop Spindles
St. Augustine Planning

Why spend $100/person for a St. Augustine Field Trip that should only cost $30? Just ask for a free proposal and we will show you  how. Over 75 schools use us, and they are not disappointed!

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Virtual Interactive Programs Anywhere

Hands-on History Programs At Your School: Atlanta Area or North East Florida

Native American, Colonial Life, American Revolution or Civil War.

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